Dropbox Adds In-App Scanning And Office Document Creation To Mobile Apps

Dropbox says new features will make businesses more secure, productive and collaborative as it continues push to get more customers

Dropbox is adding a range of new productivity, collaboration and security tools to its mobile and desktop applications for both basic and business users.

iOS and Android users will be able to scan directly from the application, meaning whiteboards, receipts and sketches are added directly to the platform and business users can even search within scanned files.

A new ‘plus’ button allows users to create Microsoft Office documents from the app too, with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files saved directly into Dropbox.

Dropbox productivity

Dropbox Project InfiniteBasic Dropbox customers will now have to connect their device to a computer to automatically upload photos however. The company says this is so photos can be better organised and removed and so users don’t run out of space.

Collaboration is now easier and secure, Dropbox says. Files can be shared with users on the desktop version with a right click, eliminating the need to go to the web version or copy links into an email. Comments now also be added from a file preview.

Version history now lets customers preview older versions of files so users are absolutely sure they have the right iteration and single files can be shared with a specific person. View-only access for shared folders is now also possible.

Dropbox has more than 500 million users and 150,000 paying business customers and has added a number of features to its cloud platform in recent times, most notably ‘Project Infinite’, which gives an impression of infinite storage, and the ability to store data in specific data centres.

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