Dropbox DBX Platform Offers Up More APIs For App Developers To Harness

The cloud storage firm aims to make Dropbox an integration dream for developers

Drobox is aiming to make it easier for developers to build applications on top of its cloud service with the introduction of its DBX Platform. 

Presenting a suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) and other tools, the DBX Platform also sports integrations with the likes of Microsoft Outlook, Autodesk, and Atlassian’s JIRA Software, with the goal of expanding Dropbox’s capabilities into these productivity applications and services. 

“The rise of new productivity tools has changed how people collaborate, but at the cost of reduced transparency and lost time,” said Ross Piper, head of ecosystem and developer platform at Dropbox.

“DBX Platform is the connective tissue for teams and businesses of all sizes. By giving developers greater capabilities to innovate, and strengthening our partner ecosystem, we are able to help teams collaborate in context with their work and the tools they love.” 

The APIs on offer for developers include the Metadata API, which gives developers the ability to assign custom metadata labels and values to files stored in Dropbox through their third-party apps, with the goal of making data and documents easier to search for. 

The File Requests API allows software makers to automate the creation of file requests and embed them into other workflows, essentially expanding the scope Dropbox has on pulling files and data from other apps.

And the Paper API, which is already out in the developer world, allows for Dropbox’s document software to be integrated into other apps. 

With Dropbox boasting that it receives two billion API calls a day and has an ecosystem of 500,000 developers, it comes as no surprise that the cloud storage company is boosting the way developers can tap into its services and APIs

And Dropbox will need to keep expanding its capabilities as Box, its main rival in the enterprise arena, is pushing the scope of its cloud collaboration platform with an injection of artificial intelligence

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