Pulsant Ploughs £1m Into South Yorkshire Data Centre Overhaul


The hybrid cloud services provider is taking an upgrade rather than rebuild approach to its data centres

Think of data centres and your minds eye will picture gleaming cube like buildings, surrounded by security and clad with clever ventilation to provide eco-friendly fresh air cooling to the racks of servers stuffed inside large pristine halls. 

But not all data centres are the same; some are more equal than others. As such, hybrid cloud services provider Pulsant is ploughing £1 million into an upgrade project for its South Yorkshire data centre. 

Data centre power-up 

Pulsant data centreWhile the pages of Silicon are littered with stories about the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services opening up new regional data centres to spread their significant cloud footprint even further across the globe, Pulsant’s approach is much more down to earth. 

Using the money, the company will carryout a complete electrical and mechanical infrastructure refresh, to give the data centre a Tier 3 grade and have N+1 resilience; important factors when offering cloud services that customers may need to rely heavily upon. 

Upgrades will take place across the entire facility, including both of its data halls, with an additional 90 racks being added to the first hall in order to boost the data centres capacity. Other upgrades will include a complete renovation of the building’s power generation, cooling, lighting and it fire suppression systems. 

These upgrades will, according to Pulsant’s plans, pave the way for an additional data hall with capacity for 180 racks. Clearly the company is expecting to see a hike in more customers if it it preparing for additional server capacity. 

“This project will benefit both our existing customers in the data centre, as well as prospects that are looking for a secure, resilient and high performing site in the South Yorkshire region,” says Brian O’Hare, head of data centre construction at Pulsant. “Upon completion of the project, we will be one of the only facilities in the region to offer these levels of performance and reliability.”

In a world were technology is mostly torn out and replaced rather than upgraded, it is good to see a company take a more holistic and arguably environmentally-frenziedly approach to getting its infrastructure up to demanding standards. 

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