Google To Spend $2 Billion On Polish Data Centre

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Cloud services push in Europe reportedly sees Google investing as much as $2 billion for a data centre location in Poland

Google is reportedly going to be investing as much as $2 billion in a data centre located in Poland, as the firm continues to expand its cloud services footprint.

Reuters, citing local newspaper the Puls Biznesu daily, reported that the Polish data centre aims to be operational by 2021.

It comes after Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai blogged in September 2019 that Google was planing to invest 3 billion euros to expand its data centres across Europe over the next two years.

Polish data centre

The report also pointed out that Microsoft last month announced it will invest $1 billion in a Polish data centre.

And now Google has followed that with confirmation of its own facility to service the Eastern European market, although there is no word of where the facility will be located or the size of the data centre.

“Region Google Cloud in Warsaw is the biggest investment in infrastructure of this type in Poland,” the paper quoted Magdalena Dziewguc, Google Cloud’s business development director in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, as saying.

“We are getting ready for it to be operational at the beginning of 2021.”

Meanwhile Jadwiga Emilewicz, Poland’s deputy prime minister, reportedly told the paper she estimated Google could invest $1.5 billion to $2 billion in the project.

US investment

But it should be noted that Google is investing more heavily in its North America homeland.

In February this year, Google named eleven regions in the United States where the search engine giant will invest an impressive $10 billion over the course of 2020.

That $10bn investment will be spent on data centres and offices in Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and California.

Google is thought to operate at least 58 data centres around the world, and has invested more than 4.3 billion euros to build five facilities in Europe since 2007.

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