Poll: Does It Matter To You If Your Data Is Stored In The EU?

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Cloud vendors are bringing customer data closer, but does being covered by European data protection laws matter to you?

The difficulty in negotiating a new data sharing agreement between the European Union (EU) and the USA has highlighted the issue of data sovereignty like never before.

Many companies, especially those in heavily regulated industries, need to know where their data is stored and what legislation is protecting it. Others want their data closer to home in order to reduce latency and boost performance.

data centreAmazon is building new AWS regions in Europe, Microsoft is opening UK data centres and companies like Box are letting customers choose where in the world they want to keep their information. Many companies simply want their data stored in the EU where data privacy regulations are much stricter than in the US.

As cloud adoption increases and awareness of privacy in a post-Snowden world rises, data sovereignty will become an increasingly important issue for both businesses and technology firms looking to attract more customers.

But as Privacy Shield gets the thumbs down from watchdogs, we want to know whether it is important for your business if your data is stored in the EU or not?

Let us know below.

Does it matter to your business whether your data is stored in the EU?

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