Tech Quiz: Data Centres

A data centre, storage, server

What do you know about the data centres that power the web and our applications?

There are few things better in life than stepping into a heavily secured building to witness oceans  upon oceans of servers, all purring and generating enough heat to power several saunas.

The fact that one data centre, or ‘data center’ for our US readers, is indistinguishable from the other only adds to their majesty.

OK, so its hard to make data centres sexy, but without them, the Internet and the cloud applications that we all use for business simply wouldn’t exist.

Kolos would draw on ambient air and water for cooling.

Data centre quiz

These info shacks are populated around the world, powering individual businesses and the public cloud.

They are a monument to processing power, advanced networks and innovative cooling systems. If they’re not sexy, they certainly are interesting.

After all, earlier this week, plans for the world’s largest data centre were unveiled.

But what do you know about data centres?

Find out with our quiz!