Sierra IoT Platform Includes Google Cloud Connectivity

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Internet of Things Acceleration platform from Sierra Wireless also offers Google Cloud Platform connectivity

Canadian wireless equipment maker Sierra Wireless has launched its “comprehensive” IoT Acceleration Platform, which it says will simplify the deployment of connected products and services.

The company says that its platform is “unique” and an “industry first,” offering “global multi-operator coverage” by combining Sierra Wireless and third-party network operator SIMs, all managed from a single unified connectivity platform.

Google Cloud Integration


Sierra Wireless has been committed to IoT for a while now. The company told TechweekEurope back in March this year that it is only supplier able to a full end-to-end solution.

And the new IoT Acceleration Platform also provides connectivity to the Google Cloud Platform, the enterprise cloud services offering from the search engine giant.

This is potentially a very useful option, as it allows customers to carry on using Google’s analytical service (Google BigQuery), with data collected from connected devices. For example, customers can collect and store their sensor data in Google Cloud Platform and use the tools provided in the platform to build custom analytics, big data, or IoT applications

Sierra Wireless says the unique thing about its IoT Acceleration Platform is that it can provide customers with a end-to-end solution that includes the hardware, the AirVantage cloud platform, and managed connectivity. This, it says,  vastly simplifies the sourcing, management, and administration of multi-region IoT deployments.

“Reducing the complexity in building and deploying IoT connectivity solutions is critical for our customers in getting their products and services to market quickly, and delivering real value to their organisations,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, Sierra’s senior VP of cloud and connectivity services.

“Our fully integrated IoT Acceleration Platform is designed to empower customer innovation and get IoT solutions to market faster with the ability to scale and grow quickly,” he added.

IoT Future

The Internet of Things looks set to enjoy explosive growth in the years going forward. In July,  Juniper Research estimated that 38.5 billion units will be hooked up to the IoT by 2020 as the number of connected devices across the world triples in number over the next few years.

But this connectivity does also pose some security concerns. Recently, a report from analyst firm IDC predicted that 90 percent of all IT networks will have an IoT-based security breach within the next two years, although many will be considered “inconveniences” as they target non-crucial parts of the business.

This rise in attacks will see many chief information security officers (CISOs) forced to adopt new IoT policies to ensure their staff and their business remain secure when using a range of devices.

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