Oracle Ships Public Cloud To Its Customers’ Own Data Centres

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Oracle Cloud at Customer gives CIOs a potential workaround for regulatory and legislative barriers holding back public cloud adoption

Oracle is wooing customers concerned about data privacy by letting them deploy Oracle’s public cloud in their own data centres.

Dubbed Oracle Cloud at Customer, Oracle’s expanded services are a workaround to feats from organisations who, whilst eager to move enterprise workloads to the cloud, have been held back by legislative or regulatory requirements.

“The new PaaS and IaaS services can be deployed wherever an organization chooses—in the Oracle Cloud or in their own data centre,” said Oracle.


Data-CentreOracle reckons that these obstacles were some of its potential customers’ biggest obstacles to cloud adoption.

The stack that customers would be buying is 100 percent compatible with Oracle Cloud, and can be used it all the usual ways like disaster recovery, elastic bursting, workload migration, and DevOps. Oracle was keen to note that customer deploying Oracle Cloud in their own data centre will still get all the benefits and innovations available to regular users.

Payments will also be the same, with customer being billed on a pay-as-you-go service for the resources they use.

“We are committed to helping our customers move to the cloud to help speed their innovation, fuel their business growth, and drive business transformation,” said Thomas Kurian, president, Oracle. “Today’s news is unprecedented. We announced a number of new cloud services and we are now the first public cloud vendor to offer organizations the ultimate in choice on where and how they want to run their Oracle Cloud.”

But Microsoft Azure does offer the same public cloud in your own data centre offering with its Azure Stack product. There are also numerous deployments of OpenStack public-cum-private options from vendors like Rackspace and Cisco.

But unlike Azure Stack, Oracle thinks its service will be better because Oracle can supply its customers with its own hardware and software, unlike Stack that provides its customers with third party hardware vendors. Oracle Cloud at Customer buyers will get Oracle’s own Oracle Cloud Machine configurations, with either 2TB, 4TB, or 7.5TB models.

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