OpenStack Gets Core Infrastructure Initiative Green Light

OpenStack earns CII best practices badge for security, quality, and stability

In what seems to be another win for OpenStack’s fight to gain wider enterprise credibility, the open source cloud platform has been awarded a Best Practices Badge from the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII).

The CII is run by the Linux Foundation, and was established to support open source projects deemed critical to the internet. The Best Practices Badge acknowledges OpenStack’s security, quality and stability.


“OpenStack is rapidly becoming the cornerstone of public and private cloud deployments across the internet,” said Nicko van Someren, CTO of The Linux Foundation.

“As more businesses and critical infrastructure rely on open source, it becomes increasingly important that projects like OpenStack take a security-first approach to its development process. We are delighted that such an important package has received the Best Practices Badge.”

OpenStack LogoThe certification of OpenStack for the CII Project was spearheaded by the OpenStack Security Project team, including Travis McPeak who is also a senior security architect at IBM.

“Open source is rapidly emerging as the preferred core software strategy for enterprises and service providers alike,” said McPeak.

“These organisations seek third-party standards to measure adherence to best practices for security and stability. The CII Project has quickly grown to fill this critical need, and it¹s a testament to the high quality of development among OpenStack contributors that we earned the CII Best Practices Badge so quickly.”

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