Microsoft Goes Live With Azure IoT Hub


IoT Hub moves into general availability meaning everyone can now use Microsoft for IoT

Microsoft has made its IoT Hub platform generally available, boosting the company’s presence in the Internet of Things landscape.

The cloud-based IoT service effectively helps users manage, communicate, and register connected dewvices, and is the core product of Azure IoT Suite – Microsoft’s IoT bundle for working with connected devices.

In a blog post yesterday, Sam George, partner director at Azure IoT said: “IoT Hub is the bridge between customers’ devices and their solutions in the cloud, allowing them to store, analyze and act on that data in real time.”

The hubs slots in with other Azure products like Azure Stream Analytics and Azure Machine Learning.

microsoft“While IoT Hub is an amazing, foundational service for a customized IoT solution, it is just the start,” wrote George.

“Microsoft goes beyond building block services by providing preconfigured IoT solutions, so that what used to take weeks for a customer to build can now be automatically provisioned in minutes with the Azure IoT Suite.”

It’s been a spicy few months in the Internet of Things space. In December, Amazon Web Services released its IoT service out of beta, and just this week Cisco announced it will acquire cloud IoT experts Jasper Technologies.

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