Huawei Targets Enterprise Clouds With Integrated Security Gateway

Enterprise cloud security. Lock up your virtual network with ‘industry first’ terabit-level security gateway

Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei is claiming an ‘industry-first’ with the release of its Terabit-level cloud integrated security gateway product, saddled with the catchy name USG9000V.

The software gateway is said to provide enterprise firms with high-performance, easy-to-manage cloud-based virtual network security.

Cloud security has become an increasingly pressing issue for many firms migrating traditional onsite workloads onto both private, public and hybrid clouds.

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Huawei says USG9000V will help firms meet the needs of simple security service deployment, rapid service rollout and flexible capacity expansion, thereby helping to improve the overall security capabilities of corporate clouds.

The USG9000V security gateway is a software product that is apparently compatible with mainstream cloud platforms. According to Huawei it “provides abundant security services for customers’ virtual networks”.

It has a cloud-based architecture with separate control and forwarding, and is based on the NE’s distributed load balancing forwarding architecture.

Essentially the USG9000V implements single-NE flexible scale-out and scale-in, supports a maximum of 128 VMs in a cluster, and provides up to 2.5 Tbps forwarding capabilities.

The USG9000V also supports status backup between service processing units to meet high availability requirements that tend to be needed within enterprise firms. Up to 128 VMs can be setup via centralised management on the control plane. The admin can also schedule pool-based resources for the VMs in order to reduce service management difficulties.

“Cloud computing inherently features distributed architecture and scattered resource distribution,” said Liu Lizhu, general manager of the Security Gateway Domain in Huawei Switch & Enterprise Gateway Product Line.

“If there is no unified scheduling, resources cannot be effectively used, and services are delayed and performance is deteriorated; therefore making optimal TCO is impossible,” said Lizhu.

“The first terabit-level integrated security gateway in the industry, the USG9000V provided by Huawei, implements elastic expansion through centralized resource scheduling, achieving the optimal resource utilisation,” said Lizhu.

“Meanwhile, the USG9000V supports automated O&M and can automatically detect and fix faults, providing reliable security protection for virtual networks,” said Lizhu. “It helps customers experience elastic, reliable, and efficient service when using cloud service.”

Huawei said its USG9000V will be available in the second quarter.

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