Google And Red Hat Partner Up For Container Adoption

Google, Red Hat to integrate OpenShift Dedicated container platform and Google Cloud Platform

Google and Red Hat have entered a partnership that will see Red Hat’s OpenShift Dedicated container platform run with Google Cloud.

“We’ve made Google Compute Engine (GCE) a certified environment for Red Hat offerings,” said Google in a blog post.

“And have worked closely to unlock the power of containers through the Kubernetes project and the creation of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.”


googleGoogle said it is deepening its existing relationship with Red Hat, and in the initial phase, customers will have access to improved support for containers using Kubernetes and OpenShift, along with access to Google Cloud Platform services to make better use of data.

“We are committed to helping you get the most out of cloud, whether it be purely public or a hybrid of public and private. Being the Open Cloud and growing investments in open source tools like Kubernetes are two facets of this. Our collaboration with Red Hat is another,” said Google.

Google listed reasons why customers might want to move from using containers as experiments to running containers as support for production workloads. Improved security is one benefit of containerized applications, said Google, as well as cross cloud portability and hybrid deployments.

“Additionally, we’re pleased to announce that Google’s working on integrating Google Cloud Platform services (including big data, analytics and storage services) with OpenShift Dedicated, with the goal of enabling Red Hat customers to natively access these Google Cloud Platform offerings,” the search giant added.

“With the increasing breadth and maturity of Google Cloud Platform’s offerings, we’re well-suited to complement and integrate with on-premise enterprise infrastructure. Our expanding relationship with Red Hat makes this especially true for enterprise-focused developers in need of stable, more secure and open source solutions that include Google’s cloud services and global infrastructure footprint.”

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