Fujitsu MetaArc Platform To Help Businesses Embrace Cloud, Big Data, IoT

Fujitsu Forum 2015: New enablement platform will help customers ‘digitise with confidence’ and take advantage of the latest technologies

Fujitsu is looking to make going digital easier than ever before for businesses with the launch of a major new enterprise-focused service platform.

MetaArc is a new ‘digital service platform’, which Fujitsu says will allow businesses of all size around the globe to take advantage of services such as big data, machine learning, and the Internet of Things, in order to grow and develop.

The platform comes with the tools, services and partnerships needed by businesses to define their best-working cloud foundation, allowing a choice of cloud deployment methods – public, private and hybrid, using not only Fujitsu’s own cloud IaaS and PaaS platforms but also third-party cloud services.


business travelFujitsu says that MetaArc is well set to support the increasingly commonplace ‘Fast IT’, a cloud-based business approach that helps businesses overhaul all their processes using the latest digital solutions, as any businesses not yet migrated to the cloud will find themselves at a major competitive disadvantage.

But MetaArc will also help support the modernisation of what Fujitsu calls ‘Robust IT’ systems, allowing customers to get the most out of the value locked in their existing data and systems by connecting digital initiatives with core but often legacy infrastructure, whether on-premise or in a hosted data centre, to create hybrid IT landscapes which means everyone in the business can benefit.

“Fujitsu Digital Business Platform MetaArc enables customers confidently to embrace the delivery of two-speed business transformation from a position of balance,” said Fujitsu senior vice president Joel O’Halloran.

“While modernising their core systems, Fujitsu customers can now simultaneously leverage both the flexibility their business units need, and the visibility, security and cost management responsible organisations require.

“With MetaArc, Fujitsu reduces the complexity and risks of managing the emerging Hybrid IT environment by providing cloud solutions, expertise and services for both Fast IT and Robust IT systems that integrate and orchestrate both Fujitsu and third-party cloud services.”

A recent TechWeekEurope survey found that just 15 percent of readers are interested in procuring public cloud services, according to the results of our latest poll. 30 percent say they are interested in hybrid cloud, which combines the benefits of both private and public services.

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