Docker Touts Enterprise Edition For Corporate Container Deployments

It has been a busy few days for Docker as it seeks to grow the deployments of its open-source container engine.

It has launched Docker Enterprise Edition in an effort to assist corporate customers by removing some of the complexity traditionally associated with deploying containers.

And Docker has also entered into a strategic alliance with networking giant Cisco in an effort to help the rollout of containers into data centres and other cloud infrastructure.

Docker Enterprise Edition

Docker is an increasingly popular technology that began life as a container platform for Linux developers.

But now it allows all types of organisations to run applications, and it isn’t just a technology used by small companies. In fact, most adoptions are apparently by organisations that are monitoring 500 or more server hosts.

But implementing a system like Docker’s container platform can require certain skills, and so Docker is offering Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) that aims to remove some of the complexity for corporate implementations.

Essentially Docker EE is a package of tools available out of the box. It is designed to work across any supported Linux, Windows or cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure or AWS for example.

“Today we are announcing Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), a new version of the Docker platform optimized for business-critical deployments,” blogged the company. “Docker EE is supported by Docker Inc., is available on certified operating systems and cloud providers and runs certified Containers and Plugins from Docker Store.”

It seems that Docker EE will be available in three tiers. The Basic tier comes with the Docker platform, support and certification, whereas the Standard and Advanced tiers add advanced container management (Docker Datacenter) and Docker Security Scanning.

“Both Docker CE and EE are available on a wide range of popular operating systems and cloud infrastructure,” wrote the firm. “This gives developers, devops teams and enterprises the freedom to run Docker and Docker apps on their favourite infrastructure without risk of lock-in.

Docker EE is currently available as a free trial and for purchase.

Docker And Cisco

Meanwhile networking giant Cisco has entered into a partnership arrangement with Docker, so as to provide customers with validated Docker solutions on Cisco UCS and Container Automation with Cisco Contiv (the Cisco-sponsored but open source networking fabric).

This means that customers can use Docker EE with Docker Datacenter, and deliver their applications securely across Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and Cisco validated Converged Infrastructure solutions.

Cisco said the partnership will offer “reduced complexity for improved manageability and automation” that can utilise the architecture of Cisco UCS.

“The powerful combination of Cisco’s leading UCS product line for Cloud infrastructure and Docker’s containerised technology will offer customers high levels of security, manageability and scale,” said Liz Centoni, GM of Cisco Computing Systems Product Group. “Developers and IT, working together, can now build, ship, and deploy container applications anywhere.”

“Enterprises are increasingly looking to Docker to modernize their traditional applications so their investment in Linux and Windows Server applications can achieve major operational efficiencies while making these applications more agile, cloud-ready and more secure,” said Ben Golub, CEO, Docker.

“This strategic partnership brings even more opportunity for these enterprises by running Dockerized applications on a validated Cisco UCS infrastructure that is optimised for security, availability, performance and scale,” he concluded.

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