Delphix Opens Up Migration Tool To Amazon GovCloud, OpenStack

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Delphix adds new cloud-ready features to bridge the gap from the data centre to the cloud

Data ‘as a service’ company Delphix has added support for Amazon GovCloud, OpenStack, and KVM virtual machine environments to help in migrating to private and public clouds.

Dan Graves, a VP of product management at Delphix, said in a press release:

“Getting data from the data centre to private and public clouds is a major obstacle for cloud initiatives, both for migrations and continuing operations,” said Dan Graves, vice president of product management at Delphix. “Our goal is to make cloud migration as easy and low-cost as possible, for any type of cloud.”

Speed up

Delphix, founded in 2008, makes software for building, testing, and upgrading applications on databases. The firm claims to be able to cut down the time it takes to move large amounts of structured data to non-production applications from days to just mere minutes.

delphixMore than 100 companies of the Fortune 500 use Delphix to speed up key application projects, manage data compliance and security by masking confidential information, and migrate applications to the cloud or onto more efficient IT infrastructure.

From a government perspective, Delphix works with customers across civilian, defence, and intelligence agencies, including the US Marine Corps and NASA.

Delphix broke down what it can offer to Amazon GovCloud, OpenStack, and KVM customers into three points. First, it said it will offer faster migration to to private, public, and hybrid cloud services. Secondly, Delphix said it will cut the operating costs of cloud data management. Thirdly, the firm claims it will improve security and governance in the cloud.

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