Citrix Analytics Service To Tackle Insider Threats

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Security play part of a number of product announcements from cloud specialist Citrix

Cloud specialist Citrix Systems has made a series of announcements for products and services, including a new analytics service to help firms tackle insider threats.

Other announcements centred around secure digital workplaces, file-sharing, hybrid multi cloud delivery, and XenApp developments.

The new offerings come after a few years of corporate uncertainty at the firm, after it put itself up for sale in 2015, and merged its GoTo unit with remote connectivity specialist LogMeIn in 2016.


Security Analytics

The security side saw the arrival of Citrix Analytics, which should help provide insights to help internal IT teams improve security, productivity, performance, and availability of Digital Workspaces.

Essentially, it does this by data harvesting and analysing that data across the Citrix product range, including XenApp, XenMobile ShareFile & NetScaler.

The analytics engine continuously monitors users, devices, applications, networks to detect anomalous or malicious behaviour. It also suggests actions for the internal IT team.

The Citrix Analytics is designed to help businesses struggling to deal with multiple trends including BYOD, SaaS applications, and public clouds, all of which can impact security.

“Citrix can now track all aspects of user behaviour and by leveraging advanced Machine Learning algorithms distinguish normal employee behaviour from that of a malicious attacker,” it said.

Other Developments

Another security announcement concerned the new Citrix Workspace, which aims to make it easier for end-users to access all of their apps and single sign-on to them.

Another announcement concerned the catchily named ‘ShareFile Solutions for Today’s Modern Workspaces‘. ShareFile has new features so that it can support document-centric tasks and workflows. It has also got expanded support for virtual environments, extended solutions for securely using email and cloud offerings for federal agencies.

Another new announcement concerns the NetScaler ADC 12.0, which now comes with deeper integration with Azure; simplified deployments and configurations in AWS; enhanced support for Internet of things (IoT) applications; deep integration between NetScaler CPX and Kubernetes; capacity-based pricing and flexible centralised licensing, as well as a number of other features.

XenApp, XenDesktop & XenServer have also been tweaked to amplify the flexibility of a Citrix digital workspace by enhancing security, adding value to Microsoft solutions and optimising the user experience.

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