Cardiff Council Shifts Systems To The Cloud With SAP

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The City of Cardiff Council is moving its IT systems to the cloud with help from SAP as demand on services increase in the Welsh capital

The City of Cardiff Council is moving its IT systems to the cloud with help from SAP.

The German software maker which this year released its S4/HANA cloud platform said that after the shift, the Council’s 15,000-strong workforce will be able to deliver “better customer experiences” with reduced costs to the council.The project should take three years.


Millennium StadiumCormac Watters, SAP UK’s managing director, thinks that for local authorities, cost saving is a number one priority.

“Coupled with a young, digitally-advanced demographic, the Council has taken a bold approach to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges,” he said.

Cardiff is predicted to expand its population by 26 percent within the next 20 years. With over 40,000 students, it is also one of Europe’s youngest capitals while also attracting nearly 80,000 commuters on a daily basis. SAP claims these trends have placed ever-increasing demands on services.

“We are really excited that Cardiff Council’s use of our Cloud for Customer solutions will enable the organisation to work in a far more integrated and connected way,” added Watters. “But critically it will also support the delivery of new digital services geared to the highly-connected user, providing greater choice, more self-service options, better access and flexibility, resulting in improved user adoption and unlocking cost savings at every turn.”

The current system that Cardiff Council uses does not allow for collaboration across other Council services and functions, which the authority said leads to inefficiencies and duplications. But by working with SAP, the Council claimed to have identified factors that would save money, improve integration and deliver better services to residents, such as online access.

Cardiff Council has already started to implement its cloud shift and will continue to work with SAP throughout the process, with a completion date set for 2018.

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