Box Shuttle Wants To Take The Pain Out Of Cloud Migration

Box wants more people on its cloud platform, so it’s going to help them with Box Shuttle

Box is offering to help businesses move their files to its platform as the company seeks to remove the barriers to cloud adoption and grow its user base.

A migration service called ‘Box Shuttle’ will give organisations tools and assistance, claiming that many customers are simply dumping files into Box without taking advantage of all the features or available, or are delaying migration because of the associated complications.

Box Shuttle creates a personalised plan with individualised checkpoints, helps businesses identify which information needs to be moved, deleted or archived and ensure retention policies are in order. The company will also apply existing policies so information is kept secure.

Box Shuttle

Box Ceo Aaron Levie 2“People do their best work when they have the most relevant information at their fingertips, without sacrificing security, collaboration and productivity,” said Box CEO Aaron Levie. “That’s the power of the cloud. But moving off legacy systems – especially for enterprises with hundreds of terabytes of data – is a complex undertaking that often takes too much time and taxes resources.

“Box Shuttle makes the process faster, more secure and efficient. We aren’t just moving businesses to the cloud, we’re getting them there faster so they can focus on the collaboration and epic work that will drive their business.”

Box will hope that by removing a number of hurdles to migration, and making customers aware of the benefits of its platform, it can attract and retain more users. The firm went public in 2015 and has ambitions of becoming a $1 billion business.

Its most recent results saw better than expected revenues but a slowdown in billing – a quirk it attributed to ‘seasonal demand.’

As part of this drive, Box has been targeting potential customers in regulated industries, such as health and finance, offering them the chance to store data in local data centres using the IBM Cloud network and manage their own encryption keys.

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