New Citrix Cloud Region Will Serve EU Customers

Citrix wants to support European cloud customers with local data centres

Citrix is opening a new cloud region in the EU to improve performance and satisfy data residency requirements for European customers. 

The software firm says Europe is home to some of its biggest customers, but many were unable to move from on-premise deployment to SaaS because they were only able to use US data centres.  

As well as the new region, Citrix is also adding French, German and Spanish support to its admin console. 


Citrix cloud EU 

Among the benefits of shifting models are faster deployments, no need for admins to update or upgrade, lower costs on infrastructure and flexibility. 

Customers will be able to choose between US and EU regions when they register and Citrix has no ability to move data between them. There are plans in the works to offer more regions in the future too. 

“Citrix will continue to add cloud regions to meet the preferences, policies, and requirements of our global customer base,” said Citrix’s Charles Kielt. “More native language support is also planned.”  

The EU region isn’t tied to a single EU country, data centre or provider, meaning it could be stored across multiple public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and IBM Cloud – the four biggest providers. 

“A Citrix Cloud region is a geographical boundary within which Citrix may operate, store and replicate services and data for delivery of Citrix Cloud Services,” Citrix told Silicon.  

“Citrix may use multiple public or private clouds located in one or more countries within the region, including states and provinces, to provide services.” 

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