BT Secures Data Centre Platform With TrendMicro ‘Deep Security’

BT makes latest move to secure cloud of clouds

BT has moved to protect its cloud customers by offering Trend Micro’s ‘Deep Security’ for the data centre on the Cloud Compute Platform.

The platform is one of BT’s numerous cloud services for businesses, offering them pre-configures data centre infrastructure, making use of the BT Global Services (BTGS) network and local infrastructure in 19 countries.

It forms part of BT’s ‘Cloud of Clouds’, a vision for a unified set of cloud computing products.

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BT Cloud security

Trend Micro’s security services will sit within the compute management system (CMS), allowing admins to switch on whichever services they want to protect their workloads.

Deep Security offers anti-malware, firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, log inspection and SSL certificates that mitigate the risk of ransomware, advanced persistent threats and other types of attack.

“Our customers are relying on cloud to help them accelerate their digital transformation,” said Neil Lock, head of BT Compute at BTGS. “As a leading cloud services integrator, we aim to make that journey as smooth and easy as possible.

“By tightly integrating Trend Micro’s solution into our Compute portfolio we are giving our customers an option to use industry leading security thus simplifying cloud security and delivering on our Cloud of Clouds portfolio strategy.”

Security has been a key theme of BT’s recent cloud moves, with the company releasing Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation services, identity management and other features. It also offers direct links to a number of services from cloud vendors.

Last February, BT was one of the winners of European Commission (EC) cloud contracts

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