Met Police To Store CCTV Footage In The Cloud On Box

Metropolitan Police

Met continues its digital transformation drive with Box deal

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) is to use Box as a central online location for digital assets such as CCTV footage in a move to modernise policing in London. 

Previously, any footage needed by officers in connection with a case had to be distributed via a DVD or USB stick. This was not only slower, but required the Met to manage physical media. 

The force will have 50,000 Box seats and will not be only able to view footage but also search for it using Box features like Metadata and groups.  

Metropolitan Police

Box Met Police 

In recent years, Box has made several improvements to its platform to serve regulated industries. This includes additional security certifications and the introduction of Box Zones, which gives customers control about where their data is stored.  

“It’s my job to deliver digital transformation at the Met and to equip our officers and staff with the best technology to enable a constantly-improving service and response to crime in London,” said Angus McCallum, Chief Information Officer at the Met.  

“By choosing Box, we’re transforming how we access content across the force, making us much more effective and efficient, which is absolutely critical when working on the frontline of law enforcement.” 

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Other digital initiatives undertaken by the Met include the use of tablets and body cameras, while there have also been moves to consolidate legacy technology systems, reduce its data centre footprint and streamline IT staff. Earlier this year it agreed a £100 million contract with BT to underpin the transformation programme. 

The Met’s efforts to modernise its systems come amidst a wider digital transformation drive by UK government organisations, with one reports suggesting the government could save £2 billion by 2020 if it sorts out its digital strategy. 

However, the trend of continuing to sign expensive and long-running IT outsourcing contracts with huge vendors – something which the Metropolitan Police has form in – has remained point of frustration. 

There is a belief that the government can change, but more work will have to be done at a cultural level as well on the technology front. 

Another area the Met has been criticised for is its continued use of Windows XP, which has been unsupported for several years, putting the data of citizens at risk. 

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