Birmingham Gets Pay-Per-Month Disaster Recovery


The Midlands now has a cloud computing data centre, which lets local companies grow without huge IT investments, says ADA Technology Services.

A new data centre in Birmingham will provide Software as a Service (SaaS) and hosted disaster recovery services on a virtualised infrastructure, for a monthly fee, according to ADA Technology Services.

In the event of a disaster, Midlands-based clients will be able to move their applications onto virtual servers and quickly regain access to their data, said ADA’s chief executive, David Rabson.

Adopting the cloud computing ethos and a pay-monthly approach means that clients do not need a disaster recovery site of their own, he said:  “This allows organisations to reduce initial capital outlay and to control IT overheads as they grow.”

ADA has built a scalable utility-computing strategy, based on virtualised servers and storage, which makes it relatively simple to move in IT services or applications and then grow them as required said Rabson.

The Birmingham data centre will be supported from a 24-by-7 IT centre in Sussex. As well as disaster recovery it will offer other managed services, such as hosted applications, also for a monthly fee.

The combination of 24-hour support and local hosts gives ADA the ability to cover the country reliably, said Rabson – adding that flexible payments are allowing ADA to expan when other IT services companies are cutting back.