AWS To Open Data Centres In France In 2017

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Amazon prepares to open its fourth European region as French customers get the chance to store their cloud data in the country

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will open a region in Paris next year, allowing French customers to run applications and store data in the country.

The region will become AWS’ fourth in Europe, after existing regions in Frankfurt and Ireland, and the planned opening of a UK region, expected to be before February.

A cloud region within France will help customers work faster with Amazon and keep customer data within French borders, helping navigate any data residency issues.

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AWS France

netflixNo further information about the location has been disclosed about the location beyond the fact it will be located in the suburbs of the French capital.

“As always, we are looking forward to serving new and existing French customers and working with partners across Europe,” said AWS. “Of course, the new Region will also be open to existing AWS customers who would like to process and store data in France.”

There are currently 35 ‘Availability Zones’ in 13 regions with five more regions now planned to launch within the next year. These are Canada, China, Ohio (USA), the UK, and now, France.

AWS is not the only provider expanding its cloud footprint. Microsoft Azure has opened its own data centres in the UK in a bid to improve performance and satisfy compliancy issues, especially in the wake of the invalidation of Safe Harbour last year.

Many firms in regulated industries need to have data sovereignty if they are to make use of cloud platforms.

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