Your Compliance Primer: Beginning Your Journey

What is a Brand Discovery ?
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The regulations that govern and impact upon a business can be complex and manifold. From protecting personal data to using cloud services responsibly, compliance is a moving target that many enterprises find challenging to hit.

Compliance also has many components that interlock in very different ways dependent on the specific business and the market sector they operate within. Here, one size does not fit all when considering the risk factors that a business must mitigate with its compliance strategy.

Work and where this now takes place have massively altered. As remote working becomes the norm, how a dispersed workforce is supported with the tools and services they need, must be considered within the wider compliance framework of the industry or sector they operate within.

The pandemic bought into sharp relief how vital digital communications are to ensure businesses and organisations can work efficiently, but also, how vulnerable they are to potential cybersecurity attacks.

As businesses enter the brave new work of post-pandemic commerce, their digital transformation roadmaps have been re-written. What is critical for all enterprises is to ensure these new roadmaps have compliance as a foundation onto which all other services are built.

Your business’s place in the compliance landscape

What does the compliance environment look like today? How has this changed over the last few years?

Industry focus

Which industries have been impacted the most and how has technology been instrumental in enabling them to develop robust compliance policies and strategies?

Automate to comply

How is automation impacting on the delivery of compliance initiatives? The role of AI and machine learning will be covered in a high-level form as a primer. Can AI compliance systems keep watch over all business processes?

Hybrid workforces need hybrid compliance

How must a compliance strategy support the changing process of work? How dispersed workers can be supported.

The cloud can be a safe place

The pandemic illustrated to all businesses how important hosted services and their digital networks are to the success of their enterprises. The cloud must form a central component of every compliance strategy.

Fighting the barbarians

Cyberattacks and digital security in general are a significant component of compliance initiatives. Protecting sensitive networks and the data they contain is of paramount importance.

It’s a people issue

No compliance policy will be effective unless workers implement its directives every day. Compliance then becomes an HR and a training issue. How do you change behaviours to become ‘compliant?’

The evolution of the compliance officer

Businesses in certain sectors such as finance have had someone responsible for compliance issues for decades. How has this role changed? How is technology helping these officer become more efficient?