Why the Internet of Things is the Next Digital Revolution

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IP Expo 2018

This article was delivered at IP EXPO Europe 2018 and provides you with a snapshot of the insight you can expect to see at Digital Transformation EXPO Europe 2019!

Dai Davis, technology lawyer and chartered engineer, took to the stage at IP Expo to discuss staying a step ahead of the Internet of Things, what to look out for and what the future holds.

Did you know the average household has 17 connected devices? Capable of being as small as a human hair to as large as a fridge, connected devices are entwined in our daily lives.

Using his legal expertise and IT security knowledge, Dai explained it will soon not be unusual for clothes, handbags and wallets to be connected devices, but why would you want an internet connection in your clothes? Well, why not? When the technology becomes a fraction of the cost, manufacturers will find a use afterwards.

Davis explained that RFID technology isn’t new and that just three elements are required to make a device internet enabled:

  1. Power
  2. Connectivity – usually to internet
  3. Data storage

Security gaps

With it being easier to enable microscopic devices, security is becoming an increasing concern. Just 7% of users regularly update the operating software on their devices, leaving those who don’t potentially open to security breaches.

Having a back door to security systems leaves businesses and users vulnerable to security leaks; however, it provides the opportunity to continuously update systems as technology evolves. Even by installing the best security programme today, it is likely to be out of date tomorrow, therefore constantly updating is the best approach.

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