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Learn why improving the connectivity experience across an enterprise has become a strategic priority for businesses and how a unified wired and wireless network can be delivered.

All businesses understand that communications across their enterprises underpin how they deliver their services to each customer. As wireless technologies have advanced, they now seamlessly connect with wired networks, interface with SD-WAN, your business’s data centre, and of course, the multiple cloud applications your company is using.

Deloitte succinctly describes the security threats all businesses now face: “This pandemic has taught us that preparation is key to successfully limiting the risks related to cyberattacks. The ability to quickly react to unforeseen events helps reduce the impact of a cyberattack.”

These network components need comprehensive, robust, flexible, and agile security to combat growing cybersecurity threats. In addition, the massive organizational changes that businesses have had to move through at speed because of COVID-19 have also hastened their need for a new approach to securing their data networks – crucially, their Wi-Fi connectivity.

You can learn more about securing your enterprise’s wireless network and how Juniper Networks’ Mist AI tool can transform how your business approaches its digital security by viewing the latest Juniper Networks webinar. Discover how Mist AI delivers an automated security solution your company can rely upon.

As Wi-Fi 6 rolls out, businesses will leverage the additional performance the new standard will deliver. However, it’s also vital that Wi-Fi 6 and the network infrastructure it connects to is also secured.

Being able to detect anomalies via automatic scanning is the power that machine learning is bringing to the network security space. Built on a modern microservices cloud architecture, which enables elastic scalability to meet your changing wired and wireless network market requirements, this flexible approach to data security is how your enterprise can harness AI to give visibility to potential cyber threats targeted at your company.

Today it’s critical to have a cybersecurity platform that is intelligent and able to risk profile across your business’s entire estate. The flexible approach also ensures the myriad of devices now used by your remote hybrid workers can be seen, and therefore, secured each time they connect to your business’s network. And as your business embraces IoT and needs to secure guest traffic, these can be included in the threat monitoring services set-up across multitenant networks.

Your Business has had to change how your network is organized. In addition, your enterprise’s threat perimeter has also had to radically alter to manage the new normal of work. The new Juniper Network webinar is essential viewing for all businesses that want to understand the threats their networks face and learn how to take practical steps to secure their network with an advanced automated AI-based intelligent security system.

Using the power that AI now brings to the cybersecurity landscape, all businesses can vastly improve their security stance. Using an AI-driven WLAN solution that considers how your network infrastructure evolves with SD-WAN and multi-cloud applications has the intelligence to secure these networks yet deliver a user experience that supports and promotes more security consciousness across your business.

“We are trying to create the best customer experience we can,” says Mitch Davis, CIO, Dartmouth. “Mist allows us, through its analytics, to find out where our problems are, even if only two percent are having a problem, and resolve it on the fly. With Mist, we can create that experience for the customer.”

Protecting your enterprise’s network and the threat perimeter that has now shifted to your employees’ homes, co-working spaces, your premises and a range of other locations that support hybrid working need a new approach to network security.

To learn more about how your business can transform its network security using advanced AI, watch the 5 Ways Enhanced Security and Smart Connectivity Can Boost Your Business’s Performance webinar today.

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