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As your enterprise continues to rely upon and expand its wireless networking, ensuring these connections are secure is a business imperative. Learn how to use AI to create a wireless network security policy that evolves as your business innovates.

Connected security is now intelligent security. As the cyber threat landscape continues to expand and diversify, your business needs to ensure its wireless network is resilient and can identify and mitigate the myriad of attacks that your networks could attract.

The future of your business’s communications is an expansion of its wireless capabilities. Wi-Fi 6, 5G, Edge Computing, IoT and even quantum computers are all potential elements of your enterprise’s digital innovation. What all these technologies have in common is the need to connect to wireless networks.

Embracing an intelligent security system can also deliver real-world advantages. For example, Service now saw a reduction in their security alert tickets from 100 to just two per month after deploying Junipers Network Mist AI. And the Mist AI system can be rolled out fast, as T-Mobile discovered: “The fastest most efficient technology roll- out in T-Mobile retail history,” Ryan Hollinger, Director, T-Mobile, stated.

How users interact with Juniper Networks Mist AI has also been enhanced. The use of voice control has been massively expanding. Apple’s Siri can be used to make installing Juniper Networks Net Switches, and Mist Access Points fast and efficient. The dashboard approach that the Mist AI system uses places your business in control of its network security.

The power of Juniper Networks Mist AI and its game-changing approach to wireless security is explored in our new webinar 5 Ways Enhanced Security and Smart Connectivity Can Boost Your Business’s Performance webinar. Discover how your business can radically improve its Wi-Fi security with Mist AI.

Your business understands that today all enterprises must innovate at speed. Coupled with this need is the radical restructuring of your business process and, vitally, how your workforce is organized. With remote mass working becoming the norm, these workers will increasingly be relying on wireless networks. It’s critical, therefore, to ensure these channels are secure.

At Juniper Networks, we can see how your business has had to adapt and evolve to remain a leader in your market sector. Mist AI is designed to allow self-drive next-generation wireless security to be cost-effective and efficient to deploy across your enterprise. Your network IT teams are stretched. The Mist architecture is built for fast rollout and deployment and designed to become your IT team’s eyes and ears for potential security breaches.

To meet the security demands your business is under today and will face in the future, Mist AI is designed to not only complete the IT stack your company needs but also form the foundation onto which your enterprise can build new robust, resilient and secure network services. Whether you run private, public, or hybrid cloud environments, Mist AI offers several key advantages to build your network services upon:

  • Predictable, reliable, and measurable network access with visibility into the user experience.
  • Consistent network segmentation and security across both wired and wireless infrastructure.
  • Operational simplicity with automation saves time and money while eliminating manual errors.
  • High-value, location-based services such as advertisements, wayfinding, messaging, and asset location.

And as digital mobile devices proliferate across your business, Mist AI can automate many of the time-consuming tasks your IT team currently have to perform. All of Mist AI’s capabilities are managed by scalable, agile cloud architecture.

As our new webinar describes, businesses today have wireless networks at the centre of their communications. Wi-Fi 6 is showing every business how wireless connectivity has taken a quantum leap forward. However, this new wireless network capability must have a foundation of solid security.

The current and future cybersecurity attacks that could target your company need a security stance that is agile and intelligent. Therefore, automation is also a significant component of every business’s digital transformation journey. Juniper Networks self-drive approach to security using the Mist AI places the control in your hands, with automated anomaly detection followed by automated action to mitigate the irregularity.

For many businesses, the future may not be certain. However, what your enterprise can control is how it approaches its cybersecurity. The next-generation security environment that Mist AI defines mean that no matter what new digital threats may occur in the future, your enterprise’s wireless networks are safe and secure.

To learn more about how your business can transform its network security using advanced AI, watch the 5 Ways Enhanced Security and Smart Connectivity Can Boost Your Business’s Performance webinar today.

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