Tanaza collaborates with Internet Service Providers on WiFi projects

What is a Brand Discovery ?

In early 2017, Tanaza started offering its software for Wi-Fi networks management to Service Providers, who take advantage of its large feature set and Wi-Fi management options. Tanaza, in a bid to accelerate adoption of its software in Latin American and Asian countries, is now looking for new partnerships with Wireless Internet Service Providers and Internet Service Providers.



The market context is encouraging. Wi-Fi has managed to gain popularity in sectors such as real estate, offices, hospitality, and education. Nowadays, an increasing number of government entities are funding smart city projects consisting of extensive public Wi-Fi networks. Moreover, both large and small businesses are employing multichannel marketing tactics and utilizing digital

technologies (such as video conferencing and streaming tools) to thrive in a market where Wi-Fi is becoming a critical need in any business environment.

“With so many different business needs—not to mention the variety of solutions available — ISPs need guidance to be successful” declares Valeria Magoni, Head of Marketing at Tanaza. “These Wi-Fi professionals appreciate Tanaza because its software facilitates various business models, including wifi advertising, free public wifi, freemium wifi, social wifi, lead generation through wifi, big data and analytics, and other similar combinations. Tanaza also provides flexibility and is cost-effective.”

In the near future, the software will be enhanced with a new user interface and user experience which enables service providers to manage their clients’ accounts easily using one single dashboard. Naturally, Tanaza’s software also supports multi tenancy, which is a much-needed feature for service providers. In addition to this, Tanaza’s captive portal has been recently improved and has maintained best-in-class performance. Service Providers will also be pleased to learn that Tanaza’s pricing works on a per-access-point basis, thus allowing higher monetization and profits on large deployments.




“Since Tanaza was launched in 2010, our goal has been to build the best all-in-one tool for Wi-Fi management, which includes professional Wi-Fi monitoring and configuration tools, together with aids for wifi-based marketing” stated

Sebastiano Bertani, CEO and Founder of Tanaza. “Now, we want to push the envelope further and help Internet Service Providers create revenue streams from Wi-Fi, by enabling them to offer managed internet services to their customers”.