IoT Tech Club: How Secure Are Your Things?

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How can your business face and overcome IoT security challenges? Let’s talk about it at our next gathering

The world has gone Internet Of things (IoT) daft. But with millions of Internet-connected devices now constantly communicating with each other, and humans, it’s easy to understand why it’s such a hot topic.

The IoT market is still in its infancy, although it is growing rapidly, and we can expect an ‘explosion’ of new smart devices to appear on the scene in the coming years.


The IoT explosion is likely to bring with it a number of challenges, many of which we are probably yet to discover.

We will be introducing devices into our networks, possibly containing personal data and we will have little control over their security. There is real concern that cybercriminals will exploit IoT devices as a weak point from which to gain access to your networks or even worse, your home or office. There have already been documented cases of home ‘security’ cameras being compromised and used by criminals to identify when your home is empty prior to a break in.

This is just the beginning. It seems apt then that IoT security be the focus of our next Tech Club and, due to popular demand, this Tech Club will again be in ‘pub quiz’ format.

So, with prizes to be won, and like-minded IoT enthusiasts to network with, we cordially invite you join us to discuss how IoT security challenges can be overcome.

This interactive networking event will involve drinks and nibbles in London’s Soho on April 27, from 6pm onwards.

In order to join us, sign up for Tech Club here for your private invitation.

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