How to extract more actionable information to make your business’s wireless networks secure

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As all businesses look to secure their LANs, especially WLANs, using AI to reveal actional intelligence is now possible with Juniper Networks Mist AI.

How can your business ensure the security of its wired and wireless networks? According to SecureAge, 48% of UK businesses experienced a cybersecurity breach during the pandemic. And as business re-draw their working processes to accommodate remote mass working, securing the networks these workers rely upon is of paramount importance.

Cyberattacks can often be hidden security risks that only reveal themselves when anomalies appear across a network. Manual monitoring is not efficient and certainly not cost-effective. What’s needed is an intelligent automated system that can watch network activity, but that can also alert users and improve the overall security stance of the entire business.

Juniper Networks Mist AI is a tool built for today’s networks that integrated wired and wireless networks. Your business can see the flexibility that wireless networking can deliver but ensuring these networks are fully secure for all users can often be overlooked.

The Mist AI Learning WLAN uses machine learning and neural networks to simplify operations. However, revealing potential hazards is always the first step in mitigating and preventing malicious access to your enterprise’s WLAN. Juniper Networks Mist AI offers supervised machine learning that correlates events for rapid root cause identification, and anomaly detection identifies negative trends and determines the magnitude of their impact.

You can learn more about how Mist AI can be used along with other practical applications of security protocols across your business’s wireless network in Juniper Networks’ latest webinar, 5 Ways Enhanced Security, and Smart Connectivity Can Boost Your Business’s Performance.

The AI component within the Mist tool connects several elements of your network’s security together, including your business’s cloud compute environment, no matter which supplier you are using. Big Data storage is also an essential component to manage the large datasets that are produced. And lastly, Mist AI can manage the leading Open Source technologies and environments your business has come to rely upon.

As your business looks towards its post-COVID future, wireless networking will increasingly influence how your enterprise manages its expanding network requirements. The flexibility that wireless networking offers is almost limitless. And with technologies including IoT, Edge Computing and 5G about to massively impact the network capabilities of every company, being safe in the knowledge that your business’s network is secure is now a commercial imperative.

Juniper Networks Mist AI can also watch the expanding number of mobile devices connected to your company’s wireless network. Your business needs to be competitive. This means ensuring your workforce can use the mobile devices and tools they need efficiently and within a secure environment.

Helping businesses make smart use of their technologies within a flexible and secure wireless networking environment was the starting point for Juniper Networks’ Mist AI. At the core of our solution is the Mist cloud, purpose-built on a microservices architecture for rapid deployment without impacting existing services.

We aimed to give CIOs and CTOs fast and efficient access to cutting-edge cybersecurity services that can protect their wireless networks today and tomorrow. The power of embedding AI into Mist enables your business to have clear visibility of your network traffic that defines user behaviour, correlates network events using a baseline to identify any anomalies.

A vital component of any security system is the user interface. Juniper Networks Mist AI includes Mavis, our virtual network assistant that has been built explicitly for LAN and WLAN deployments. Mavis supports Juniper Networks’ philosophy of self-driven security, giving your IT teams an intuitive way to interact with your business’s networks, and in driver-assist mode, automatically fix or makes recommendations with high levels of efficacy to resolve any security issues that have been identified.

The actionable insights that Mist AI can bring to your business’s wireless security protocols are just one element of a comprehensive security stance your business can design. Juniper Networks latest webinar places actionable insights into the context of a comprehensive wireless networking security policy your company can create today. Cyberattacks are on the rise. However, your enterprise is not powerless to act if you have the right security tools.

To learn more about how your business can transform its network security using advanced AI, watch the 5 Ways Enhanced Security and Smart Connectivity Can Boost Your Business’s Performance webinar today.


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