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The do-it-yourself approach to network security architectures enables all businesses to build robust and secure networks, connecting WLAN and LAN communications into an integrated agile and secure data environment.

For all businesses ensuring their entire networks are secure no matter where the threat perimeter has moved to is now a critical component of their transformation roadmaps. How network connectivity is designed and then delivered to end-users has also evolved as enterprises have continued to embrace automation to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Juniper Networks’ vision of a self-drive network takes the concepts of the self-drive car and applies these to network architecture and, vitally, how these networks can be secured. The concept that self-driving networks can configure, monitor, and maintain themselves, adapting to their operating environments with little or no human intervention, is how Juniper Networks built Mist AI to enable businesses to take control of their networks and the security they need to deliver safe working environments to everyone.

How your company can enhance its network security is one of the critical components of the latest Juniper Networks webinar, 5 Ways Enhanced Security and Smart Connectivity Can Boost Your Business’s Performance. Learn how intelligent networks can also be automated networks, especially when Wi-Fi is considered.

The self-drive concept of network architecture and security was recognised this year. Gartner named Juniper Networks the Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless LAN access infrastructure market leader, stating: “Juniper Networks is a Leader in this Magic Quadrant. Its AI-driven enterprise solution delivers a broad portfolio of cloud-based network applications and services that fully complement wired switching and WLAN products.

Gartner continued: “With its Mist Systems the vendor continues investing in its AI foundation, utilising the Marvis AI technology to differentiate as it expands its Mist Assurance and Mist Analytics applications across the entire campus network. The addition of Juniper Networks’ wired access layer switching products to the Mist architecture has made the solution a complete, end-to-end offering.”

Commenting, Jeff Aaron, VP of Enterprise Marketing at Juniper Networks, said: “In our opinion, this report validates the unique advantages of the Juniper Networks AI-driven enterprise, including rich AIOps functionality and proactive self-driving automation for optimised user experiences.”

Making networks autonomous with network security is built into the self-driving network concept. Indeed, Juniper Mist AI is session smart and can deliver Zero Trust Security, FIPS-140-2 certified, ICSA firewall and PCI certified Deny-by-default across your business’s networks.

Leveraging the power that AI can now bring to network security across wired and wireless networks is fast evolving. Our new webinar explores how the massive changes your business faces securing its networks with tools that are cost-effective and seamlessly integrated into your processes. See how you can connect wireless access, SD-WAN solutions with Mist AI to create a genuinely secure working environment across your company.

At Juniper Networks, we have listened to our customers who tell us simplified management of their networks is paramount, with the additional capabilities to scale their networks – and the security that supports them – when they need to.

Time-consuming manual IT tasks are replaced with AI-driven proactive automation and self-healing capabilities, lowering operational networking costs, and saving substantial time and money.

“Orange Poland is constantly evaluating ways to improve the performance and reliability of our network,” says Witold Konopka, Director of WAN Transport, Orange Poland. “By implementing Juniper Networks’ intelligent network automation tools in our core network, we can deliver savings in network operations, mitigate network incidents, and better deploy network resources – a vital consideration for our move to 5G.”

Having your network ready to embrace 5G, the expansion of the cloud, edge computing services, and the permanent transformation of how your business’s workforce is organised and connected, means ensuring network security is not just resilient but also intelligent.

To learn more about how your business can transform its network security using advanced AI, watch the 5 Ways Enhanced Security and Smart Connectivity Can Boost Your Business’s Performance webinar today.


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