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Advertorial: How Aruba Cloud can help mid-sized businesses achieve the middle ground between cost effectiveness and performance.

When it comes to technology refreshes, large enterprises can afford to invest heavily in renewing their infrastructure. For them, performance is key.

Conversely, a small business will almost always go for the most cost-effective solution, prioritising budget over performance. But what if you are one of the businesses in the middle? What if you are growing rapidly and your needs are outstripping your resources?

If you’re considering a cloud-based server or a VPS, you probably fall into one of two camps: you are running on-premise infrastructure and you don’t have the resources to scale your technology; or you have some form of shared server and performance is suffering as your business continues to expand.

First of all, pat yourself on the back; this is a good predicament for a business to be in.

Another way

aruba cloud logoNext, consider your options.

You could go all out and look for managed dedicated server. However, costs can quickly spiral out of control and so for many in the mid-market, this is simply not an option.

There is another way, however. has a range of cloud-based solutions that essentially offer the best of both worlds – the efficiencies and cost savings that come from a multi-tenant platform combined with the performance gained from a dedicated server. Built on VMware technology, Aruba Cloud’s flexible infrastructure allows you to spin up virtual machines within minutes.

You only pay for what you use but, if you need power, Aruba Cloud can give you power. Each VM can be configured with up to 8 virtual cores, 32GB of RAM and 2TB of disk space.

More importantly though, the resources provided are entirely yours and yours alone – so there’s no risk of overbooking or slowdown of the machines. Whether you’re hosting a highly transactional website or complex applications, Aruba Cloud is likely to have a solution to meet your needs at a price point that is right for you.

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Data sovereignty

data protectionAnother nice feature of Aruba Cloud’s offerings is their attention to data sovereignty. As a small business, it’s quite easy to keep your head buried in the sand when it comes to issues surrounding data protection, regulation and compliance.

At the startup stage, it was unlikely that you gave much consideration to where exactly your data resides; but as your business grows, the sensitivity of the data flowing through your organisation grows too.

Since the Snowden revelations, data sovereignty has been a mounting concern for cloud customers. The simple fact is, your data is subject to the laws of the nation in which it resides. If your cloud provider’s data centres are in the US, for example, your data is subject to draconian US laws such as the Patriot Act.

It’s also worth noting that even if a cloud provider is able and willing to host your data in a regional data centre, they may keep backups elsewhere or access them for support reasons.

So how do you ensure that your data is kept away from prying eyes? The simple answer is to ensure that your cloud provider has data centres in a nation of your choosing.

It is widely accepted that Europe has some of the most robust and pro-business data protection regulations on the planet.

Aruba Cloud gives customers a choice of data centres across a wide range of geographies, including: the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Czech Republic and guarantees that your data will never go walkabout without your explicit consent.

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