Panda Managed Office Protection Review

Panda MOP reduces end point security costs, protecting servers and workstations from malware, and is truly cloud-based, allowing all systems to be managed from a central location anywhere

Lantronix ManageLinx: Mixed Bag

ManageLinx establishes machine-to-machine secure remote access to just about any IP-enabled equipment, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

IBM/Sun: It’s All About The Storage?

Enterprise storage has to change, as customers finally get free of proprietary systems. Buying Sun gives IBM a chance to moves its customers on without losing them to the competition

BigFix SAM Tool : Track Enterprise Software

How many software packages, licenses, versions and locations are spread across your company? If you can even start to answer, then chances are you’re ahead of the game.

ContentWatch Security Appliance Offers Filtering, Anti-malware

ContentWatch’s CP 300 security appliance offers very good content filtering, traffic shaping and anti-malware capabilities, as well as excellent reporting. It also integrates with directory services such as LDAP to let businesses enforce Internet usage policy per person.

MetaGeek Wi-Spy DBx Offers Cheap, Easy WLAN Analysis

With the proliferation of WLANs in businesses and homes, the need to plan and police wireless networks is growing. The MetaGeek Wi-Spy DBx USB device and accompanying Chanalyzer 3.1 software simplify sophisticated spectrum study for the masses.