Google Latitude Let Users Track Colleagues on Maps

A Google application called Latitude lets users track friends, family and colleagues via Google Maps on a PC or mobile device. Google says Latitude is available on BlackBerry, S60 and Windows Mobile devices, and is coming to the Apple iPhone through Google Mobile App “very soon.”

Google Axes Unpopular Applications

Google announced plans to end support for a variety of Web-based applications such as Google Video, Google Notebook and Google Catalog Search.

Six Tips to Build Your Brand

Social networking tools such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and others offer SMBs new ways to build communities and your brand. Here are the best ways to build both at the same time.

Will SMBs Spend on Virtualization in 2009?

While some reports suggest small businesses won’t be slashing through IT budgets in 2009, is the average midmarket company willing to invest in virtualization technology? DataCore, among other vendors, says yes.

Five Tech Trends to Watch in 2009

Small businesses face tightening IT budgets this year, but here are five technology trends all midmarket companies should be keeping an eye on.