Google Chrome 2.0: So What?

With small tweaks,and features that other browsers already have, this is more like Chrome version 1.2, than version 2.0

Microsoft IE8: An Essential Upgrade

Some features catch up with rival browsers, others add new abilities and security functions. If you are an IE user, you should read our guide, and get to know the new version

Fastest Browser Fight Is Pointless

Who cares how fast a browser is? Only the makers, because they don’t have any other objective comparisons to make between the programs, says Jim Rapozo

Sun JavaFX: A Move Into the RIA Space

Sun Microsystems rolls out JavaFX to challenge Adobe AIR, Flex and Microsoft Silverlight, in the highly competitive rich Internet application space.

RFID Puts Us All at Risk

I’ve never really thought of myself as much of a seer, prognosticator or predictor of the future, but based on a column I wrote back in 2005, I may just have a future in the prediction field.