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Andrew Wooden has worked in both consumer and B2B publishing/events for over a decade, leading teams across industries as varied as video games, brand licensing, toys, bikes, software development, esports, and technology. He has appeared on Sky News, BBC News, and radio as a technology expert.
What is low code?

What is low code?

We speak to low code firm Outsystems about the growing sector, which many predict is going to revolutionise how businesses operate

IP Expo

Smart Buildings and GDPR

This article was delivered at IP EXPO Europe 2018, and provides you with a snapshot of the insight you can expect to see at Digital Transformation EXPO Europe 2019!

How the digital workplace is affecting employees’ work/life balance

Employees’ ability to disconnect outside of working hours seems nothing more than wishful thinking, the quest for decent quality of working life encourages us to rethink this delicate balance between taking employees’ personal needs into consideration and ensuring that individual workers and the company as a whole manage to improve efficiency and increase productivity.