Apple Tracks iPhones Stolen By Looters


We are tracking you. Apple warns looters after some street protests in the United States result in the looting of Apple stores

Apple is tracking iPhones and other devices that have been looted from ransacked Apple stores, it has been reported.

Apple has temporarily closed some of its US stores following a series of attacks, amid protests over the death of George Floyd, the BBC reported.

Images of warnings on the screens of the stolen devices have been shared to social media and apparently warn the looters that the devices are tracked, disabled and the local authorities notified.

Looted iPhones

It is understood that Apple Stores in Philadelphia, New York and other cities were targeted by looters.

Apple said that it did not comment on “security matters”, and it is not clear at the time of writing whether the iPad maker has passed on location data to the relevant police force.

It is reported that the looted devices could be the units that are on display in Apple stores, which are rumoured to have software installed that can track them if they are stolen. These devices are not usable outside of Apple stores.

It should be noted that Apple also offers the FindMy service, that allows tracking of lost or stolen iPhones via the user’s iCloud account.

Pictures on social media confirm that Apple has warned the looters to return the stolen device.

“Please return to Apple Walnut Street,” one such message posted on social media said. “This device has been disabled and is being tracked. Local authorities will be alerted.”

Apple’s Walnut Street store in Philadelphia was among those attacked and looted.

Apple has only just re-opened its stores in the United States, following the shutdown caused by the global Coronavirus pandemic.

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