Poll: Will You Upgrade To Windows 10?

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Windows 10 has made its debut, but we want to know if you plan to be an early, late or non-adopter

Windows 10 has aspirations to become the universal platform of choice for PCs, tablets, smartphones and just about every device you can think of.

Available as a free update to Windows 7 and 8 users, Microsoft wants to attract consumers and businesses in a way Windows 8 could not, providing developers with a huge user base to target and give itself the best opportunity of selling more subscriptions to its services.

Windows 10

windows 10 demoBut given the resistance that greeted windows 8 in the enterprise, we want to know if you have plans to adopt Windows 10.

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Will you be a day 1 downloader or will you wait and see how things pan out before you commit yourself to a new platform. Perhaps you are fatigued from a Windows 7 migration project, were one of the few businesses to actually move to Windows 8 or maybe, just maybe, you still use Windows XP – we hope not.

It’s also possible you use Linux or Mac and have no reason to upgrade.

In any case let us know in the poll below and share any insights in the comments. We’ll announce the results soon and while you’re waiting, why not read our latest Windows 10 new and analysis?

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Will You Be Upgrading To Windows 10?

  • Yes, immediately (52%)
  • Yes, in the future (23%)
  • Undecided (10%)
  • No (8%)
  • I use another operating system (5%)
  • Don't Know (3%)

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Microsoft Launches Windows 10

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