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Mobile Device Management For MSPs Offered By Level Platforms

Nathan Eddy is a contributor to eWeek and TechWeekEurope, covering cloud and BYOD

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Managed Workplace allows managed service suppliers to collect asset information, configure devices, track location and restrict access.

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions provider Level Platforms, which markets its products toward managed service providers (MSPs), introduced Mobile Device Management (MDM) as a new feature in the imminent release of Managed Workplace 2012. With MDM, service providers can manage and monitor the exploding number of smartphones and tablets now being deployed in end-customer networks. Level Platforms is unveiling MDM during the company’s global Road Show starting next week.

Level Platforms MDM provides monitoring and management capabilities for all major smartphones and tablets, including devices from Apple, Google, Microsoft and RIM. All MDM features are delivered from the same central dashboard MSPs use to view and manage all of their other end-customer technologies.

Remote information collection

Once deployed on a mobile device, Managed Workplace allows MSPs to collect complete asset information, remotely configure devices, track location and restrict user access if required. These features are designed to improve productivity and close security gaps, the company said.

For example, service providers can wipe, lock or reset a device if it is lost or stolen. With these features MSPs can establish customised security and management policies addressing the specific needs and opportunities of their customers and implement and manage these policies as an extension of their managed services offering.

“The rapid adoption of tablets and smartphones by business users represents one of the biggest revenue growth opportunities of the decade for MSPs. With Managed Workplace 2012, MSPs can deliver comprehensive solutions to simplify administration, improve performance and address critical security issues associated with mobile devices now being deployed on their customers’ networks,” said Peter Sandiford, CEO of Level Platforms. “Our global Road Show is an excellent opportunity for MSPs to preview our Mobile Device Management capabilities before they are released next month.”

Additionally, Managed Workplace 2012 introduces the Mobile Service Manager, which allows MSPs to access the Managed Workplace Service Center dashboard from a mobile device to view and address end-customer service issues. A new Support Assistant feature allowing a customised MSP-branded service icon on every Windows device and other features round out the offering.

In late January, the company announced that its Managed Workplace RMM platform was pre-installed on the Intel Hybrid Cloud platform and included in the Intel AppUp Small Business Service. Running on the Hybrid Cloud platform, AppUp Small Business Service enables Intel service providers to offer customers the advantages of cloud computing, but with applications running locally and data saved securely on their own premises. With Level Platforms Managed Workplace, Intel service providers can remotely manage all IP-based technologies throughout their end-customers’ networks.