Informatica Launches Vibe, The Embeddable Virtual Data Machine

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The software helps take advantage of data from various sources, directly inside applications

Data integration specialist Informatica has launched what it calls the industry’s first embeddable Virtual Data Machine (VDM) – Informatica Vibe.

The software embeds data integration directly into applications, without the need to recode anything, and supports countless data formats, from Twitter feeds to arcane legacy database files.

It was introduced at the Informatica World conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Innovation is a headache

The explosive growth of data and the ever-changing formats it gets packed into have been putting IT departments under a lot of pressure. Flesh and blood administrators simply cant’s handle this much complexity, and are forced to automatize many data integration functions.

Big Data © whitehoune Shutterstock 2012To make this process easier, Informatica created Vibe – a flagship product that is based on the kernel developed by the company for the last 15 years. Vibe provides the ability to access, aggregate and manage data regardless of type, source, volume, compute platform or user. It helps businesses adapt to the constantly evolving data integration and management landscape, and take advantage of their data faster.

The VDM separates the data integration instructions, which map out the business logic for handling data, from the underlying execution technology. This means the logic has to be mapped only once, and can later be deployed anywhere – on-premise or in the cloud, in batch or real-time.

Vibe can help users convert virtual data into physical data movement, and even develop Hadoop integration jobs without knowing Hadoop, through Informatica’s PowerCenter.

“Today organisations are looking to unleash their potential by quickly turning raw data into intellectual property they can use for business advantage,” said Marge Breya, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Informatica. “Vibe transforms our customers from simply managing data as an asset into organizations which use information integration as a strategic competitive advantage to build and expand their business.”

“Making information integration brain-dead simple has got to be the right thing to do. Just the way Java enabled applications anywhere, Vibe will enable information everywhere,” commented Scott McNealy, chairman of Wayin, co-founder and former CEO of Sun Microsystems.

In the future, Informatica plans to add direct device and sensor support to Vibe, making it suitable for the ‘Internet of Things’ applications.

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