Google Maps For Android Goes Indoors In The UK

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Feeling lost at a station or shop? Google can help, if you are in the right bulding

Google Maps has extended its reach inside buildings in the UK, so users can still enjoy the benefits of location tech while sheltering from the dismal British summer.

Indoor maps for the UK cover 40 major locations such as stations, museums, large shops and airports, almost all of them in London. The service, on Android phones, was originally launched for the US and Japan in November 2011, and has now been extended to he UK, Switzerland and Canada.

Find Platform 9¾ on Google Maps

The service, launched on Google’s Lat Long blog, includes King’s Cross Station, where Google helpfully locates Platform 9¾ for Harry Potter fans, as well as the Barbican Centre (where TechWeekEurope has often gotten lost. Others on the list include the British Museum, the National Theatre and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Outside London, maps are only available for Coventry’s Ricoh Arena, Bristol’s Cabot Centre and airports at Stansted, Luton, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Birmingham.

However, other buildings could be added, as Google provides a link to upload your floorplan.

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