F-Secure Key Launched To Manage Passwords Away From US Snoops

Tom Brewster is TechWeek Europe's Security Correspondent. He has also been named BT Information Security Journalist of the Year in 2012 and 2013.

F-Secure looks to become the European security provider of choice after the Snowden leaks, whilst announcing a deal with GCHQ target Belgacom

Finnish security firm F-Secure has released a password manager capable of storing keys in a safe cloud environment in Europe – away from US snoops.

F-Secure Key has been made available for download for free from the F-Secure website and the relevant app stores, but the company has not issued a public release announcing the product, which also comes with a news feed of the latest goings on in the security world.

F-Secure European and proud


F-Secure has been keen to boost its front-end product set whilst looking to make attractive consumer-focused products, an area it once targeted with a white label-focused strategy. It recently announced its personal cloud storage product, Younited, as it seeks to capitalise on fears around use of US-based clouds following the Edward Snowden leaks.

“F-Secure Key safely stores your passwords, user names and other credentials so that you can access them wherever you are through one master password. Your personal data is strongly encrypted to keep it safe, and all F-Secure Key servers are owned and operated by F-Secure within the European Union,” the company said in its blurb on the Google Play store.

Indeed, it appears F-Secure is to promote itself as the ideal cloud provider for protecting data from the snoops prying eyes, whether they’re based at the US National Security Agency or GCHQ.

The company today announced a deal with Belgacom, which was allegedly hacked by GCHQ. F-Secure technology will be used in the Belgacom Cloud, which will itself be a public cloud service for general consumers.

It’s a similar deal to the one F-Secure has with BT, which has been accused of colluding with GCHQ on snooping efforts.

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