TechWeekEurope Readers Keen On EE 4G But Cost Is Biggest Concern

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Three quarters of readers are interested in EE, but have big reservations about cost and coverage

Earlier this month, the operator formerly known as Everything Everywhere announced the launch of its EE 4G network.

While other countries have enjoyed 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) services for a number of years, the UK has had a long wait to receive its first commercial service and there remains the prospect of further delays due to legal disputes.

But we wanted to know whether you actually wanted to subscribe to EE’s 4G network and it turns out the majority of you are interested but need some convincing.

EE 4G network

More than three quarters expressed an interest in signing up for the service, but only 14.3 percent said that they would subscribe no matter what, with the rest having some reservations. The biggest issue for TechWeekEurope readers is price, with 32.9 percent waiting to see just how much the super speeds of 4G will set them back.

Concerns about coverage were a factor for 17.7 percent of you and with just 16 cities receiving the service before the end of 2012, these could be well-founded in the short term. Another 5.1 percent said theywere going to wait and see what phone they can get.

However, 21.2 percent of respondents aren’t interested at all by EE 4G, although 8.8 percent of you said you would only subscribe if EE changed its name again. While surely a tongue-in-cheek response, it might not be what the company’s marketing department wants to hear.

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