Apple Creates iOS “Fast Lane” With Cisco Partnership

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Apple iOS business users will benefit from enhanced Cisco networks in voice and video

Apple and networking giant Cisco are joining forces to improve the speeds of iPhone and iPad apps for business users.

To use their own words, a “fast lane” will be made for iOS business users by improving Cisco’s networks for iOS devices and apps.

Tim Cook made the announcement on stage at Cisco’s annual sales conference in Las Vegas. The partnership will increase Cook’s ability to penetrate further into the enterprise market with iOS devices. The move follows Apple’s IBM partnership last year to make business apps for the iPad.


apple“We’re offering our joint customers the ability to seamlessly extend that awesome Cisco environment to their favourite iOS devices. Together, we’re going to help teams achieve higher levels of productivity and effectiveness,” said Cisco ex-CEO now-Chairman John Chambers.

The partnership will bulk up the iPhone’s connection speeds when using Cisco voice and video environments, as well as improve speeds on iOS across mobile, cloud, and premises-based enterprise tools Cisco Spark, Cisco Telepresence and Cisco WebEx.

Apple boss Tim Cook said: “Together with Cisco, we believe we can give businesses the tools to maximize the potential of iOS and help employees become even more productive using the devices they already love.”

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