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Trump & Technology

The new president of the United States is Donald J Trump. He has been described as a luddite with misguided or inadequate knowledge of technology, but used social media as effectively as anyone in his journey to the White House? But what do you know about his relationship with tech?

What do you know about IBM?

It’s one of the oldest IT companies and can fairly be said to have set in motion the IT industry we have today. It’s got a long and interesting history, and we are going to sample a few of the high points here, See what you know about IBM through the ages!


Tech jargon

The technology world is full of jargon and acronyms; but do you know your CPU from your hyper-converged infrastructure? Try out quiz to find out!


Artificial Intelligence

The rise of the machines has long fulled fiction but it’s mow on its way with the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence. But how much do you know about AI from the world of tech and pop culture?