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IBM Security CTO: Cloud Security Needs Collaboration

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WATCH: Cloud security needs to go beyond transparency to keep up with global coordinated attacks, according to IBM’s Martin Borrett

IBM Security’s European CTO has told TechWeekEurope that in order to live in a more secure cloud world, companies and customers need to collaborate as the “bad guys” do to promise effective cloud security.

Talking to TechWeekEurope at London’s Cloud World Forum, Martin Borrett made the comments following the LOT Polish Airlines hack in Warsaw last week.

“It goes beyond transparency,” said Borrett. “I think the word that comes to my mind is collaboration. What we see from the clients we’re working with and our researchers is the bad guys, the adversaries, they are collaborating. They are sharing information on what’s successful and what isn’t, what the best approach is, sharing tools, and so if we’re go to keep up with them we need to collaborate.”

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