Poll: Are You Connected To The Internet of Things?

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The Internet of Things is ready to take over every part of our lives but are you already connected?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the biggest trends in technology and if all the claims are believed, has the potential to change our lives at home and the way companies do business.

Smart metres that monitor energy use, self-driving cars and a wealth of connected entertainment experiences are among the most common examples used to demonstrate the capability of IoT devices and applications.

Sensors capturing data across a network and real time analytics can help inform companies develop more efficient processes, understand customers better and make more accurate decisions with the ability to respond quickly to industry trends.

Internet of Things

ARMEven governments will be impacted, with smart traffic, waste collection and transport systems all waiting to be deployed across entire cities.

IT firms are turning their attention towards the hardware, software and networks that will help deliver this transformation. We heard from some of the biggest players in the field at IoT Solutions World Congress earlier this month and you can hear what the likes of HP, General Electric and Vodafone are planning on our video page.

But what about today? How far has the IoT reached? We want to know.

Do you have a smart metre, smart fridge or something else in your home? Or is your company already making use of some of the M2M applications outline above? Tell us in our poll below and feel free to leave a comment.

And you can keep updated with all the developments in the world of IoT in our dedicated section.

Internet of Things: Do you use M2M applications or services?

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