VMware Offers Identity Manager And iOS Tools For ‘Mobile Cloud Era’

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VMware releases ‘Identity-as-a-Service’ platform and improves compatibility with iOS

VMware has released a new identity management tool and improved compatibility with iOS as it seeks to help customers cope with an increasingly mobile workforce.

The EMC-owned cloud and virtualisation specialist says its ‘future of business mobility’ vision is centered on helping companies free themselves from a decade of client-server focused IT which only enabled mobile access to a limited number of productivity applications.


vmware“Business Mobility is more than a shift in technology; it is an opportunity for true business process transformation,” said Sanjay Poonen, executive vice president of End-User Computing at VMware.

Poonen reckons that business mobility is going to be a key driver for profit for VMware over the next decade, and is realigning the business around mobile innovation, apps and services.

This trend, VMware, says is “breaking” traditional IT, causing problems with network access controls that are not optimised for the mobile cloud era.

One of the new products being introduced is VMware’s Identity Manager. The company calls it Identity-as-a-Servce (IDaaS), with one-touch access to web, mobile and Windows applications. Identity Manager is provided as a cloud service or an on-premises solution and will also be used with other VMware products like vCloud.

VMware has also upped its functionality with iOS, developing application configuration templates and vertical solutions for industries like healthcare, airlines and education.

The also added its support for the App Configuration for Enterprise (ACE) standard, which is already supported by subsidiary AirWatch, along with 15 other service providers including Box, Cisco and Workday. ACE is committed to standardising public applications and development for businesses with a single platform. Other Newly-signed ACE members include DocuSign, Dropbox and Syncplicity by EMC.

“ACE is the open standard approach for managing and securing apps deployed via enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions,” said VMware. “Once an application developer implements ACE standards, users simply download the public-facing application and corporate resources are automatically configured, allowing users to instantly and securely use the application.”

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