Total Telecom Customer Experience Summit 2012

Total Telecom are delighted to announce the launch of the Total Telecom Customer Experience Summit, coinciding with the Total Telecom World conference and 14th annual World Communication Awards this November.

Total Telecom Customer Experience Summit 2012 has been specifically designed to define CEM to achieve effective market differentiation for industry players.

Today’s consumers and enterprises are increasingly selecting telcos based on the quality of their customer experience. This is despite the fact that there is still no industry consensus about what CEM actually means. Some telcos look to complex support systems to deliver a good customer experience but others believe focussing on the basics – network quality, effective customer care and clear tariff packages – is the way to go. Be that as it may, what is clear is that many predict CEM will be the new point of differentiation for successful telecoms players for the foreseeable future.

On the agenda
• Everyone’s talking about it…but what is CEM?
• Using CEM as a point of differentiation
• Strategies to reduce churn in a competitive market
• Real-time data, analytics and billing strategies
• Dealing with innovation and the customer experience
• Is it wise to outsource call centres?
• The benefits of self service portals
• Using social media to communicate with customers
• Customer experience high street store style
• CEM strategies to retain enterprise customers
• What CEM trends will we see in future?

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To attend, book online or call Charles Georgiou on +44 (0)207 608 7041