The Enterprise of the Future

The data centre and supporting infrastructure will need to evolve to support new technologies and heavier workloads. In two to three years’ time, where will your data centre be? What will be the most cost effective way to run your critical services?

The evolution continues with the office itself. Many organisations are dramatically reducing costs by downsizing their facilities, expecting up to a third of staff to be working remotely at all times. Businesses require flexibility from their workers and in return ‘Generation Y’ are making their own demands on the business.

The line between work and play is continuing to blur with the cultural shift towards BYOD. This allows employees to keep on top of their work whilst at home, travelling or on holiday. There are financial and productivity advantages but what security risks come with the territory?

Computing’s second summit, ‘The Enterprise of the Future’ will examine the challenges facing your organisation in the new world of work and will show you why you need to start planning for these changes now.

Through expert keynotes, case studies and panel discussions we will address how you can future proof your enterprise – from datacentre to device. Discover why it’s time to stop thinking and how to make the best of new technologies to improve your organisation’s productivity whilst reducing costs.